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We are all aware of the current public health crisis; coronavirus has changed the way we all live our lives in the past 2 years.

We are less aware perhaps, of the other growing health concerns which have been spreading at the same time of the virus.

  • Male suicide rates have hit a two decade high.

  • Female suicide rates are the highest since 2014.

There is a worrying and continuing rise in suicide in young people; especially young women.

The statistics are undoubtedly bleak; another concern to add to the multitude we are balancing in these strange times. But we must not allow our compassion to wane, to feel we can’t confront the suicide rates as we fight covid. It is more vital that we keep speaking about suicide in our churches and our communities.

We have to keep talking about suicide – however uncomfortable it may make us feel – but in order for us to bring hope with our words, we need to get our terminology correct.

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Personal Assistants (PAs) in support assist people who require support to lead an independent and fulfilling life the way they chose to live it.

Being a PA is a rewarding career as you will form a close and trusting relationship with the person you work with, helping them to reach their goals and having fun along the way!

You can really make a difference.

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Howards Support Services are a home support provider based in Oldham and supporting for the communities of Oldham. 

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